Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NST and VBS pics

Where is the time going this week? I can't even keep up. So on monday I went back into the hospital for another non-stress test, and of course Baby Surprise didn't pass the test so I then had to have a biophysical profile. Of course I am trying so desperately not to panic with all of this that is going on. Unfortunately working in the medical field, and also remembering how my sister's little baby RJ died when she was 38wks pregnant after a few weeks of non-reactive non-stress tests is making me crazy. I keep trying to keep my focus on God, and the realization that His plan is always perfect. I have prayed that this baby would be a testimony to Him so that is truly what he/she will be:-) But please pray for Baby Surprise, for me for my anxiety and fear and that I will be able to truly rest in Him, and for the doctors/nurses that are caring for us.
So last week was VBS at our church. The theme was "Pandamania- where God is wild about you!" My kids had an absolute blast. There were 246 kids that came through our church!!! Praise God for that:-) I unfortunately don't have tons of pics because I was helping out and working in Sophia's class but here are a few of the kids...

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