Monday, August 1, 2011

Ear Infection

Since I worked all weekend I didn't really see the kids at all on saturday, and then yesterday when I woke up I noticed that Sam had a lot of drainage coming out of his right ear. I started to clean it up and it was so gross, I said something about it, and he then responded that it was much worse the day before. So I cleaned it all up, and then it didn't seem to drain anymore.
I did call the doctors office this morning, completely unconcerned as someone had just looked at his ears on thursday! He didn't have pain and didn't have a fever so I just wanted to let them know but wasn't thinking anything of it, since the drainage wasn't pussy. But of course with his immune system issues they wanted to see him right away. He has a pretty nasty ear infection. I guess the honeymoon phase of no antibiotics has worn off. He has done so amazingly well since the tonsil/adenoid as well as tube placement. He hasn't needed antibiotics since then. In the grand scheme of things we could be dealing with the another nightmare sinus infection, so this is so minor, but it has been so nice to not deal with antibiotics in so long. Now our prayer will be that it doesn't cause an increase in his GI symptoms, most specifically C. Diff.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for keeping up with my boys. It means the world to me and to know that I have you to come to with any questions, means that much more. Thank you for the advice as well in regards to IVIG. The boys had their bloodwork done on Monday - both had their pneumococcal titers checked (post-Pneumovax) and memory b cell function. We follow-up with Imm on Tues, Aug 9 but I doubt they will have their labs back by then. Sooo it's the whole sit on the edge of my seat routine for another two weeks.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy (I know, I am like several months late seeing as how you're almost 31 weeks!). How are things with your heart? Have you heard anything? Also, how is everything else pregnancy wise? Still contracting regularly? HELLP yet?

    I hope that Sam gets over his nasty ear infection and avoids GI complications! Pierce is just wrapping up a 3 week course on Augmentin and his poor bum is HORRIFIC looking. He was in pain walking today :( We stopping it a few days early in hopes of getting rid of the diarrhea to get rid of the rash.

    Doesn't stop, does it?! :) Big hugs!

    Your family is in my prayers!