Sunday, August 21, 2011


Went into the hospital for the biophysical profile. The whole test/ultrasound was about 50minutes as they were testing multiple things with baby surprise. 3 parts of the test were perfect, but the fourth and final test, which is whether or not the baby is practicing breathing while inside, the baby did not pass. The baby has to attempt to breath for 30 seconds, and the most our little munchkin did was less than 5. So from there I ended going over to have a non-stress test.
During the non-stress test I am placed on a monitor, that monitors the baby's heart rate and my contraction pattern. The point of this test is to see how the baby is doing in a non-stressful situation. So to have a reactive Non-stress Test (NST) you must have two accelerations of the baby's heart rate above its baseline that last 15 seconds. Unfortunately the baby struggled to pass this test too. They eventually said that I could go home, but that I needed to really pay attention to the baby this weekend and make sure it was moving as much as normal.
Because of the difficulty with the BPP we had an actual 4D ultrasound. This was amazing. It was videotaping the baby. Unfortunately a picture of a picture doesn't do what I saw justice but I will share anyways. Isn't God amazing??? The miracle of creation is just so awe inspiring

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  1. Yeah for being sent home but boo for baby not passing some of the tests. We will keep the little one in our prayers!!

    Such adorable pictures!