Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well this is certainly a post that I didn't expect to have to be writing for several more weeks. Yesterday on the way home from my ultrasound I started feeling absolutely horrible. I started with severe belly pain and cramping, and vomiting and diarrhea. I also then got a headache as well. I called the doctor's office but they were closed. I then called the maternity ward and everyone was concerned because of my history (these were the symptoms that I presented with when I got HELLP syndrome). I got to the maternity ward and thankfully my blood pressure was wonderful.
The nurses called the doctor and told her that I was there. She said that they could send me home, and they mentioned to her how I was hoping that she would do some lab work. She then said that she would do lab work "just to make me happy, but that they would be normal because you can't have HELLP syndrome without high blood pressure." I was beyond livid when I heard this, as this SAME DOCTOR delivered Sophia via c-section because I had HELLP syndrome WITHOUT high blood pressure.
So they did the lab work and my liver studies were elevated:-( This of course changed the doctors whole tune, although it certainly didn't make her any kinder. She came in and essentially said that the baby wasn't viable and therefore if I was developing HELLP the baby was not going to survive and they wouldn't attempt to do anything but save me. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.:-( I was monitored overnight and labs were repeated in the morning. The liver studies looked better so she has let me go home, with instructions to "do as little as possible." But she was unwilling to say that I shouldn't work a 12 hour shift at work! So thankfully we have so many wonderful people to help with Sam and Sophia so I was able to really lay low over the rest of the weekend.
Now I am really concerned about my medical care:-(

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