Friday, May 27, 2011

21 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 21 Weeks

Doctor: Not scheduled for another three weeks, but I did have a repeat ultrasound today.

Size of baby: Munchkin now weighs about 15 ounces and is around ten and a half inches long, about the size of a carrot:-)

Development: The eyebrows and eyelids are now formed. The gentle nudging that I have felt has led way to more kicks and punches as this little acrobat is actually able to stretch and kick now. And apparently from 10-11:30 at night is his/her favorite time

Sleep: Has become tough this week as my anxiety about complications is starting to arise

What I miss: Nothing really this week

Cravings: Ice cold drinks, water and lemonade are my favorite right now

Weight: Haven't checked this week

Symptoms: heartburn is become an almost nightly occurance

Best Moment this week: I had an ultrasound and got to see how much has changed in just the last few weeks. THe baby was sucking it's thumb, and also it looked like it was picking his/her nose. We are praising God that the baby's heart looks good, as this is why we were having another ultrasound, just to make sure all was ok.

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