Monday, June 10, 2013

P is still struggling and Abby and Bre come to visit

Preston continues to have a really tough time. His appetite is horrible and he is extremely irritable. Poor guy had a horrible night last night. He was completely inconsolable for quite a while in the middle of the night. Daddy prayed over him and we sang Jesus loves me over and over again until we got him calmed down. I brought him in to our pediatrician today and she is very concerned about how much weight he has lost. Unfortunately the doctor that did the transplant is out of the country and unreachable at this time. The on call for him has ordered a bunch of tests. So I will get that done in the morning. They are testing to see if the intestinal infection is back. I am just so overwhelmed with all of this. I feel like he is doing worse than he was before he had the transplant. I keep telling myself that it is just a hard recovery period for him but I am starting to wonder.... I heard a wonderful song today, that has just kept me focused on God and His goodness. The song is by Hillsong and it is called "Healer". One line of the song says " I know your my healer, I believe your more than enough for me..." Claiming God's healing for my little guy!!! The man who is singing this song in the video is actually battling cancer... Auntie Chantal, Abby and Bre came over to play the other day. I just love these three so much! I so wish that we could see each other more often and that our schedules/location weren't so difficult to work with. Preston and Abby had so much fun together, and Bre and Preston kind of butted heads a little bit :-)

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