Saturday, June 22, 2013

Really hard week...

It has been a rough week for the hospital where I work as well as for myself. On Tuesday we had an emergency meeting with the CNO of the hospital. She told us that they are closing one of the units that I work on, I am completely heartbroken over this and not really sure what God has for me next... I was eight years old when I knew that I wanted to be a pediatric nurse. And that desire has never left. I love my job so much and have been there for almost 11 years. To hear that this unit that I love so much is closing is devastating to me. Beyond it being my job, these are my friends, ladies who I have been with through lots of sickness and scary stuff with pregnancies and the kids. I can go back to a regular position in the maternity/labor and deliver ward, and that is probably what I will do, but I am still sad as it isn't my hearts desire. I am so very fortunate to have a job in this terrible economy and I know it. I have just been so blessed to have such a fantastic work environment for so long, that I just don't want to give it up. I would love to look elsewhere for a job, but with the way Obamacare is affecting hospital reimbursements I don't think that our hospital is going to be the only one forced to make devastating cuts to services. There are 22 of us that are getting displaced. We all have lots of seniority and therefore we can essentially bump someone with less seniority in another place in the hospital. But that is horrible too. I am just so sad about all of it. On top of the lay offs and units that we found out are closing on Tuesday, on Thursday a colleague unexpectedly and tragically passed away. This nurse has been a part of the hospital family for somewhere around 20 years and was a phenomenal nurse. She worked a lot in the ER and the poor ER staff fought desperately to save her life and were unable to do so. It was a horrible loss. Rough week!!!! I will post more tomorrow..... please be praying for those affected by the lay offs as well as the death of our co-worker

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  1. Many prayers as you walk this new path....change can be so hard!!