Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GI for Sam and Sophia

Sam and Sophia had a GI appointments at Tufts this week. This was Sam's first appointment back with Dr Zella since he had left MGH. We are so very thankful to have Dr. Zella on our team. He listens so wholeheartedly to Sam, and seems to fight so hard to make him feel well. In discussing how Sam's belly has been recently with Dr. Zella, Dr. Zella was unhappy with Sam's continued discomfort and is really racking his brain trying to figure out how to help him. It is SUCH A TREMENDOUS BLESSING to have someone who wants Sam to feel as well as I do as a part of his medical team. We are going to switch around some medications and see how that helps him. Prayerfully we will get to a place where the belly pain is not a daily occurance. We also saw Sophia's physician assistant Jean. Jean also is very nice. I unfortunately disagree with her about what is going on with Sophia which has been a bit of a challenge for me. I am so used to having medical staff listen to me and really try to grasp what I am trying to get across. And I feel that she really isn't doing that. I have done what she has recommended and don't feel like it has helped Sophia get better. As the time has gone on with whatever this GI thing is with her I have started to really think that maybe this is just some really nasty bug that she has struggled to get over. I feel like we are making slow progress, and that for the most part she is returning to normal. Where Tufts is located is definitely challenging to drive to in Boston. I drove there the first time with Sophia and it was a rough drive. So this time I decided to take the train. The kids were so excited about it. We have heard of some strange things happening on the T but have never experienced anything out of the ordinary until this time. Some guy on the train started trying to take pictures of Sophia! Even when I asked him not to and had Sophia turn so her back was to him he didn't want to back down. Thankfully someone else also told him to back off.... So awkward!!!

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