Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Little Gymnast

Since the age of about two and a half, Sophia has had the diagnosis of joint hypermobility and they have done a fairly extensive workup to rule out some kind of skeletal deformity, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and several other problems. She started crying when going down the stairs a couple years ago, completely out of the blue, and no one could figure out why. We did several rounds of PT, and all kinds of strengthening/stretching exercises to help stabilize her joints and muscles. After her last spinal MRI we were told that we should get her into something that could strengthen her muscles. I was absolutely heartbroken last year when we were told that our Christian preschool was closing after 28 years. I so desperately wanted all three (at the time 3) of my children to go there. I started researching all the local schools and found one that included some gymnastics classes within the tuition. The school is fairly expensive, but Sophia has thrived there and done exceptionally well. We have heard from this preschool teacher as well how kind and compassionate she is and how she can organize the whole class and get everyone involved in an activity so that no one feels left out. It has been a good fit for her. That being said, physically she is THRIVING! At the beginning of the year she struggled so much with many aspects of her gymnastics classes, whether it was fear of getting hurt, fear of not doing it as well as her friends, or physical inability. The teacher voiced some concerns about her strength initially, but throughout the year she has pulled me aside multiple times to explain how much progress she has made. And now at the end of the year, she has gone above and beyond all of her classmates in her capabilities. The teachers believe that she has a serious talent, and whats more she is thrilled and loving it! I unfortunately am not there during her classes typically, but the most recent one I was able to watch. She is amazing!!! I am just so thankful that God opened this door for her to go to this school and that she is doing so well. She seems to be so much stronger and almost never complains about the discomfort in her joints anymore!!! Praise God! The pictures don't do her justice, but it is hard to get these action shots, and chase a toddler at the same time :-)

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