Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Puppies and birthday party

Sophia was invited to a birthday party this past weekend at her friend Logan's house. So Sophia Preston and I went to this party while daddy and Sammy had some one on one time together. The party was a blast for Sophia and Preston. Sophia was completely enamored by the TEN three week old puppies that were there. She was constantly wanting to cuddle and play with them. Preston also got a kick out of the puppies. He would squeal and laugh when they walked. I certainly can see an animal lover in her. I would love to have a puppy at some point soon, but with the new baby and the boys medical stuff, I don't think right now is the appropriate time. They also had a jumpy house at the party. This made me very nervous allowing Preston to go in there. But considering Sophia was the oldest kiddo in there, I allowed him in. He had such a blast in there. He was jumping and running. Laughing almost constantly. Sophia also loves any opportunity to jump and tumble so this was right up her alley. Sophia and Logan Preston had a little friend that he was playing with as well. Abby turned two in April I believe. She speaks very well and seems much older than two. In fact they were playing together in a little house structure and Abby told Preston to "get out!" and he actually did! I know I shouldn't have laughed but it was so funny. But when they were with the puppies he kept making these flirty little faces with her

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