Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sophia's Preschool Graduation

I still can't believe my little lady has graduated preschool! And what is crazier is that when Sam graduated preschool I was pregnant in the pics, and now that Sophia is graduating I am pregnant again. The graduation was so sweet! Sophia was so excited. She is such a little ham for pictures most of the time. Preston really wanted to graduate from preschool too. He kept running up to the kids and tried to climb on Sophia's lap. They sang lots of songs and did motions to many of the songs. It was so cute! She was thrilled to get on a frilly dress even though it was terribly rainy outside when we were getting ready to leave the house They started the graduation singing a song to the toon of "The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah..." So the students walked in according to the number in the song. But it was to the tune of the students.... So cute AQDw/tudc89Efpns/s320/003.JPG" /> Once the kids came in they came and sat in their seats which were labeled with their names. There were 22 kids that graduated with Sophia. Throughout the entire ceremony the kids sung several songs. One of them had a part where they had to tickle each other, it was so cute to watch them. It was so cute when she got her cap put on and the tassel switched over and walked across to get her diploma After the kids had received their diplomas they started to get a little antsy, Preston included... We were so happy that Grandma, Meme' and Grandpa all got to come and enjoy the graduation with us. Sophia with her teachers.... Our family, unfortunately without Sam. The graduation was early in the day, and Sam misses so much school with sickness and doctors appointments that I just couldn't pull him out :-(...

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