Saturday, November 17, 2012

Immunology update..... and world prematurity day

So we have gotten multiple things back for Preston's testing. Although I have expected it since he got meningitis, it is still a little overwhelming to actually hear it officially that I have another child that has some level of immunodeficiency. At this point we know that IgG levels are low, we don't have the other immunoglobulin levels back yet, however last month the IgA and IgM were low as well. He also has not mounted a decent response to some of his vaccines which is certainly scary to me. We are also awaiting his T cell and B cell counts. His immunologist already had me do the consent for IVIG, and since we have already been down this road before I know what we are in for. But at this stage of the game I am feeling overwhelmed. I absolutely know without a doubt that God is completely in control of this situation, and He is the author of this book, He knows each and every chapter and page, He has the perfect ending planned. Who I am to question it? So today I am just trying to focus on the knowledge that God's plan is absolutely perfect and that He has got this in His hands. Today is also World Prematurity day. This is something near and dear to my heart. I longed for full term healthy babies that came home with me on the day of my discharge, I unfortunately was not allowed that. But I was allowed to witness God's most innocent creation thrive and grow. As a nurse I have taken care of micropreemies, and delivered preemies, and as a mom I have taken care of my three little preemies. There are so many misconceptions and thoughts about what causes prematurity. There are people out there that think that the mom didn't care for herself well enough, or that she was doing things wrong. But in all actuality perfectly healthy people have complication filled pregnancies and we don't know why. I am a healthy person, but cannot carry a pregnancy to term. With each of my pregnancies I started contracting around 26 weeks, but praise God He kept my precious miracles in for longer. Tonight I ask you to pray for all preemies and for their families, caretakes, and anyone who has any contact with them, around the world for their health, and for organizations like the March of Dimes to continue to strive towards ending this terrible heartache of babies born too soon. For now I leave you with a picture of each of my tiny little miracles, Sam, then Sophia and then Preston. And then I will end with a picture of Sam at the age of 13.5 months when we first started IVIG. Preston will likely be about fifteen months when we start him I think....
And here is Sam's first adventure with IVIG. Wow he was such a ham!!! :-) I am praying that Preston will also be able to easily tolerate the IV attempts, the side affects, the being unable to get around much because of the IV, etc. I am praying for our nurses and staff. God's got this! We will set up the official start day the monday after thanksgiving.

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