Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Immunology update and Oreos

So last friday I took Preston back into Children's to follow up with the immunologist. I am so thankful to have this specific doctor on our team. I certainly wish that we weren't seeing him for ANOTHER one of my children, but I am praising God that we have the ability to see someone so knowledgeable about immunodeficiency in kids. Oh my gosh he is growing so well! He weighed 21lb 11oz and was 30.5 inches long!!! This past year has certainly been a faith building journey for me as I have seen my baby struggle so much. In so many instances throughout this last year, God has answered so many prayers, that I never even asked Him to. I can go on and on about how He has blessed us this year, but for today I am just praising God that Preston is here, he is happy and he is growing well. I obviously pray for his health and wish that he didn't get so ill so fast. But that is not God's plan, and I just have to keep saying His plan not mine! They drew lots of lab work, they are drawing labs to determine if his body made any response to all the vaccines that he has gotten as an infant, as he hadn't made any last month. They drew labs to see if his immunoglobulin levels had risen to normal levels, and then they also checked to see if his T cells and B cells had gotten to a normal level. We have lots we are praying about and waiting for answers about. We went over the IVIG and Preston and I went and toured the infusion center. It was nice and the nurses/staff were wonderful. I am still hoping we don't have to go that route but it was good to lay my eyes on it. So as a reward for my little guy I let him have an oreo! And boy did he love it....

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