Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So proud!!!

Sammy and I were working on a Thanksgiving craft to give to both sets of grandparents on thanksgiving. He was quickly making his list of what he is thankful for in order to write them down on the craft once it is done. He flew threw making this list. And I am so blessed to know that He has his thankfulness for God our creator as the top of his list! I couldn't feel more proud of him! He has had so many medical struggles, and he has always remained sweet and kind and compassionate. He is determined, and silly. He is a wonderful friend to the people around him. He is a wonderful big brother and son. I am so blessed to call him my boy!!!
It was 24 degrees outside when we woke up this morning. It is hard to believe that we were playing at the playground last week with light sweatshirts, and then just shirts on. We had a wonderful time last week playing with some friends. Their son Roberto is such a climber! I am thankful that my kiddos aren't quite as fearless as him! :-) Preston had a blast climbing through the tunnels. Sophia is in a stage of really just liking to run free, and wild. She likes to let her hair fly out behind her:-)

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