Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing Catch up

Excuse the length of this post but it has been a roller coast ride the last couple of weeks.... My brother Dennis and his wife Johanna made a surprise trip up here and we were so excited. They came for a week and it was wonderful. These pics are from the day they arrived. They couldn't believe how big Preston had gotten.
We spent lots of time hanging out together as a family while Dennis, Johanna and their dog Sampson were here. They even came out with the kids when they were dressed up. Sam said " I want to be a real Army man like Uncle Dennis", Sophia was Rapunzel and Preston was a chicken:-)
I was so sad to see Dennis, Johanna and Sampson leave again. I am disappointed that my ENTIRE family will be together this year in North Carolina except for Matt, the kids and I:-( I definitely wish the finances were there in order for us to make the drive...
I have been trying to finish this post for days. Things are crazy. Hopefully this week:-)

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