Monday, November 19, 2012

Rough Day

Today was a pretty rough day. After Preston has been relatively crabby the last couple of days, I was concerned that maybe the intestinal infection had gotten bad again. I am still unsure as I have not heard back about the stool studies. But poor munchkin has been pretty irritable and has had some low grade fevers. There has been a situation going on in my church that has been very hurtful for a long time. I initially tried to resolve the issue by talking to the person who was most involved in the situation and essentially got no where. So this past sunday when Sophia wouldn't go to her class I pulled the teacher aside and asked for her advise/assistance/recommendation in what the next step should be. The teacher said that it wasn't only Sophia that was affected and that she would try to take care of it. Well that has just opened a huge can of worms. I don't want to go into too much detail, but there is a lot of hurt and emotions going on and I don't know how this situation will possibly be resolved. If you could please pray for Godly wisdom, and for all attitudes involved, including my own that would be wonderful. Thank you! In other news I got to spend most of the day with my little nephew Darius. He and Preston are only eight months apart, so they are so fun to watch together. Darius is such a peanut. He is actually almost two pounds less than Preston, but a couple inches taller. It was quite the busy day with those two, Sophia didn't have school, and Sam had only half a day. I think we have some kind of respiratory virus in our house. Preston has a little bit of mucous, as does Sophia. And I have a cough. Praying that everyone feels better soon! I have been doing a daily post on facebook about what I am thankful for and it has just been so wonderful. Especially after a day like today, it is easy to get sucked into being negative and upset. But in choosing to be thankful God takes that burden away. He surrounds you with His light and grace. I can't help but smile, I can't help but feel hope and strength. God's got this (no matter what THIS is)!!! I am human, and I screw up but praise God He forgives us and lets us start over...

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  1. Hoping Preston feels better, as well as the rest of you! I'll be praying for your situation, and hoping that it gets resolved quickly and kindly. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!