Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another update

Uh oh!!! Here we go. I brought my 24hour urine test in to the lab this morning. I called tonight to see if the results were in yet. I wish I didn't call. The normal results are 0-150, my results were 326:-( Now I haven't yet talked to a doctor about it yet, but I did call the OB nurses and also have been on the pre-eclampsia foundation website. Both places state that protein over 300 is pre-eclampsia. But what I don't know is if you have to have high blood pressure in order to be diagnosed with pre-e or if just the protein is enough to make that diagnosis. Ugghhh:-(
I am trying to not think about it, and certainly trying not to stress about it. But it is hard.
I saw a great quote today: "Why worry when you can pray?" Great right???
Please be praying that Baby Surprise and I can remain safe for at least another 5 to 10weeks:-) Thanks

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