Saturday, July 2, 2011

26 weeks:-)

How far along:
26 Weeks

Doctor: No actual appointment until wednesday. I did speak with them this week as I have continued to have diarrhea for some crazy reason. I was feeling ok with it until friday and just felt absolutely terrible, I called yesterday and was told to rest adn try to stay hydrated and to call back today. I called back today and they finally agreed to let me take some immodium and that has helped immensely. So I am feeling better, pretty exhausted but better.

Size of baby: Munchkin now weighs between 1 and 2/3 of a pound and 2 pounds!!! This is just so exciting to me. We had such a scare several weeks ago with a question of viability that each day/each milestone, each new weight is just so thrilling to me. Baby Surprise is about 14inches long, or the length of a burp cloth:-)

Development: Baby Surprise's eyelids are no longer completely fuzed shut, and he/she may open eyes in response to light. Hearing is improving as well, and he/she probably recognizes my voice as well as other voices that are frequently heard.

Sleep: Sleeping is still pretty good. I am still tired often though

What I miss: Nothing really this week

Cravings: Mango, watermelon and frozen lemonade. And the absolute best sub sandwich I have ever had: It comes from this place called Gabby's. It is a turkey sub, that has flavored cream cheese, onions, lettuce tomato, bacon and I am not sure what else but I drove by one day and could actually taste it:-)

Weight: Unfortunately I am down six pounds, I am thinking it is from all the diarrhea. But hopefully now that it is resolving this will change, I certainly feel like I could eat a ton if my stomach could handle it.

Symptoms: Heartburn has improved this week, as has the right upper quadrant pain! I have had terrible GI symptoms though, but prayerfully they are resolving

Best Moment this week: My sister and I went shopping for Baby Surprise! I am finally starting to feel safe and excited that this baby will survive. And then also anxious as I in the past have ended up on bedrest by 28 weeks, which doesn't leave me much time to get everything ready. I pulled out all the gender neutral clothes and blankets and washed and put them away. It was so exciting:-) We bought a new carseat and coming home outfit/blanket. And then some other odds and ends. I love celebrating this miracle that God has blessed us with.

Psalm 139:13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb.

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