Thursday, June 16, 2011


So after working a ton of hours in the last few days I started having severe pain in the lower part of my abdomen yesterday, so much so that it prevented me from sleeping yesterday. I called the doctor today and essentially they said that it could be my ovary getting twisted and the blood supply to it being affected, that it could be my c-section scar being stretched and starting to tear, or a tear in my abdominal muscles:-( She said to do nothing today and lay around, yeah not going to happen with a four and three year old. But I tried. I am feeling better, so I am praising God for that.
I am praying that tonight I can sleep and tomorrow I feel normal again. Otherwise I have to go into Boston tomorrow for an ultrasound.
I am totally not a hockey fan, but GO BRUINS:-) They showed this sweet little old man on the news today who has been a season ticket holder since 1937!!!! Now that is dedication:-)

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  1. I went through and read a few of your last posts that I have missed, and I'm so happy you found a doctor you like! Hooray! Sounds like you can rest just a tad bit easier knowing she actually cares about what is going on! :) Sorry you are having a hard time with this little one too. I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for all the sweet comments you have left over on my blog. And, for all your prayers! ((HUGS))