Saturday, June 25, 2011


~I am praising God as my glucola test came back normal! I no longer have to check my blood sugar four times a day!!!
~I am praising God as my liver function tests came back good too!!!
~I am praising God because I woke up feeling healthy yesterday! I haven't felt good in probably over a month, and yesterday (and today) I feel GREAT!!!

I am truly so blessed. I am feeling this baby moving more and more every day and am starting to really get excited that this little miracle will make it into my arms. I feel like I am getting big already, although the doctors say I am measuring a tad on the small side, and depending on the clothes I wear you can't really tell. But my MIL thinks that I am definitely bigger right now than I was at this point with either Sam or Sophia:-) I promise I will post some preggo pics soon. But for now enjoy these two cuties who totally rock my world:-)

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