Friday, June 10, 2011

23 weeks- and VIABILITY!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Doctor: I saw the maternal fetal medicine doctor at Brigham and Women's yesterday. I cannot say enough about how wonderful she was and how much better I feel about everything. Unfortunately she does think that I will probably get sick again, but I am so comforted by the fact that they are world renowned and will do whatever they can to make the baby and I as healthy as possible. I had an ultrasound yesterday too:-) They actually don't do weights on babies until 24wks so I am not sure how big he/she is. I will be going to the doctor at least every two weeks now, ultrasounds every two weeks, and frequent lab work as well.

Size of baby: Munchkin now weighs about 1 pound and is around eleven and a half inches long, about the size of a mango:-)

Development: The baby is starting to develop fat cells, and is now able to open and close his/her eyes

Sleep: Has been fabulous the last few days since the air conditioner is in now:-)

What I miss: Nothing really this week

Cravings: Anything really cold, ice, lemonade, watermelon, Edy's whole fruit popsicles

Weight: At the new doctors scale I was up 3 pounds from our scale at home, but one pound on our scale

Symptoms: heartburn is become an almost nightly occurance, I have also been having sharp stabbing right upper quadrant pains that are coming and going. I will actually be having an ultrasound of my liver at my next OB appt

Best Moment this week: Meeting my new doctor, and realizing what amazingly capable hands we are in now. Knowing that God has helped get us right where we need to be:-)

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