Friday, July 5, 2013

IVIG and more pregnancy issues

Unfortunately the unit where Sam gets his IVIG is closing soon. I am still so heartbroken about it. It has been so wonderful to go and have the same nurses always care for him in the same room, with the ability to have friends come and spend time with him during the infusion. I am still unsure of what we are going to do next because of the unit closing. This time we went and they got the IV right in and auntie Sara stayed with Sam while I dropped Preston and Sophia with mom as I had an OB appointment. Sam had a blast with auntie Sara, and P and Soph enjoyed their time with Meme and grandpa. My OB appointment didn't go as well as I had hoped that it would. The doctors are getting more and more concerned as am I. My blood pressure was fantastic which is such an answer to prayer. But now I am retaining fluid, and when the doctor reviewed the lab work from the ER, she realized that my liver function tests are already declining :-( She said I am so high risk and have so many issues that I am making them all nervous. And said that I need to call with ANY weird feeling that I have. We are now switching to twice a week visits with the doctor. I don't have any idea how I am going to fit that all in.... So I will go in on Monday, if not sooner. Please be praying that we can keep this little one in for at least six more weeks.

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