Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun at the Lake

Matt's parents have been renting a cabin intermittently in the last few years. It is very close to home, and easy to get to, but is such a nice relaxing get away. They have graciously invited us to stay each time they have stayed there. Two years ago we stayed a couple of nights, but this year I just wasn't feeling up to it. But Matt, Sam and Sophia stayed for two nights and had a great time. Preston and I spent some time there in the late afternoon and evening until he was tired and then we would come home. They have some exceedingly brave ducks that eat right out of your hand at the lake... Matt and Sam went out several times in the canoe. I was very anxious to do it but he did convince me to join him once. It was nice to do something like that as a family. It is crazy to admit how chicken I am when I am pregnant. I was holding on for dear life while in the canoe, and I used to kayak ALL THE TIME, and even try to stand up and balance in a kayak. But to be on the canoe pregnant was definitely scary for me. But it was fun as well. The kids had fun, and Sam was thrilled to help with the paddling. Sophia was anxious at times, but did well. And Preston surprised me the most and seemed to enjoy the ride for the most part, except when he dropped a shovel in the water and got very upset about it. Thankfully Daddy was able to steer us in the right direction and we were able to rescue the shovel, We made some wonderful memories this past week. I am so thankful that we are able to spend lots of time with MAtt's parents as well as mine. I wish our siblings were closer and things worked out to get together more often with everyone but I am so thankful for the memories we are making.

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