Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Independence Day! Growing up in a military family I have always been very proud to be an American, and proud of the country that I am from. We have always had a big celebration with our family on the 4th. This year was a little different in that we didn't have my siblings around :-( We were able to go to a great parade with Auntie Sara, as well as spend more time at the lake. The parade was wonderful, although it was exceedingly hot, and I felt awful afterwards. The kids really enjoyed it, although Preston was fearful of the sirens from the MANY fire trucks. The fire station also very graciously opens during the 4th festivities so the kids can climb around and get familiar with all of their equipment The kids and Matt got to go water tubing! I was anxious about it but was so glad that they got the opportunity to do something that I so very much enjoyed as a child. I actually went tubing on this very same lake as a kid. It is so funny how different little boys and girls are. You could hear MAtt and Sam laughing, and all the girls did was scream. They were screaming out of pure joy but it was just so opposite of the boys.

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