Monday, July 1, 2013


So after Saturday in the ER, yesterday I felt really kind of cruddy all day. I was waiting to feel better, for the medicine to kick in or something. I was told to call the OB as well as the cardiologist first thing Monday morning, as I wasn't feeling any better the cardiologist had me come in on Monday. She was very nice and listened to all that had been going on. Due to the past history with Preston and the heart stuff as well as my mom's history of cardiomyopathy, and now this being my fourth baby, I have lots and lots of risk factors for heart problems :-( It is so discouraging, to be eating right, and exercising, and doing all I can to try to make a healthy full term baby and to keep having more and more specialists tell me how my risks are so big :-( We will be doing an echocardiogram as well as holter monitoring and a few other things in the next week or so... She also increased the beta blocker that I am on, so hopefully that will decrease my heart rate. And an added bonus, it will also decrease my BP, which isn't really high yet but lets get it low so it never gets there... This week is kind of busy, lots of things going on, and hoping that I can get it all accomplished without another trip to the doctor...

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