Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sammy is 7!!!

I still can't believe my little tiny miracle baby is 7 years old! It is so amazing thinking back to the time I was pregnant with him and how the devil tried so hard to take him from us. We were told he wouldn't survive my surgery when I was 17weeks pregnant, and then I got kicked in the stomach, and then the severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. And then his first year when he was so sick and they didn't know why. To his second year when he had the hemorrhage and we learned that he had the bleeding disorder. We have had a roller coaster ride like no other with this little boy, and I am so very thankful that God has been with us through it all! God has comforted and provided for us through it all. And these special days of celebration are such a reminder of His unending love for us. Several years ago Sam had requested a camping birthday. He has continued to desire that for his birthday. So this year Matt took Sophia and Sam camping at Lake Dennison. Matt's parents also joined them. They had a wonderful weekend. Preston and I came during the day but slept at home in our beds at night. The day of Sam's party was overcast and had some sprinkles. It was a nice time and he was very excited that we got him his own kayak! He also got some cool legos and some games. But his favorite besides the kayak was the money he received because now he can pick out his own lego set :-) I certainly am lacking on the photo taking lately, but hopefully will be better soon...

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  1. Happy birthday, Sammy! Looks like he had a very fun time camping! Continuing to pray for your pregnancy and the health of you and your little baby!