Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Well praise God I made it to 30 weeks, at the rate things are going I may deliver sooner than we had hoped. I am so far behind in updating I am just going to do bullet points by date, just to get caught up.... So I had gone to the ER on June 29th. Two days later... 7/2/13 Was told to go to see cardiologist. I went and met her, and she was very nice. But very concerned with my history, as well as the fact that my mother had cardiomyopathy while pregnant. As well as multiple cardiac issues on my side of the family. My blood pressure was good. So she ordered echocardiogram (special ultrasound of my heart) as well as holter monitor. And increased the medication that the ER started to try to slow down my racing heart rate. 7/5 Labs were redrawn at the OB's office, due to the liver studies being off in the ER 7/8 On this date I received a phone call stating that my liver studies were significantly worse, actually worse than they were when they decided to deliver Preston! But due to some other symptoms that I had they were questioning something called "Cholestatis". This is a condition in which the bile acids build up in your blood. There is all kinds of risks associated with this. I also had my first non-stress test today. It was wonderful to hear this little one's heart beat so strong. I did have some elevated blood pressures at this visit, as well as this was the first visit that I had a large amount of ketones in my urine. 7/9 Preston had IVIG at Children's, and all went well, but no pics :-( 7/11 Had another NST test today. Baby continued to look good but I was also contracting fairly consistently. After the NST I went to the OB unit and had an appointment. At this point they informed me that I did have cholestasis, and told the risk of the baby dying. 7/12 Sent to a endocrinologist to try to figure out why so much ketones in my urine. Now having to monitor my blood sugars, four times a day :-( 7/13 Sam's 7th birthday! (I will write a post about it) 7/15 Echocardiogram: praise God this was normal!!!! Another NST, this time the baby didn't look as good as she had been on the monitor. Call placed to high risk obs.... Scheduled in depth ultrasound, and appointment with team of docs on 7/18 Here is an ultrasound pic of my sweet little miracle! I am relieved knowing that God has a plan for each of our lives and that His plan is perfect. Regardless of what the doctors say or think, regardless of what lab tests, and a variety of other tests show, God is in control of all of this!!! Praise God for His miracles! I look forward to holding this little one in my arms, as a testimony that against all odds God's will always prevails!!!

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