Saturday, April 27, 2013

Street Hockey

I will be honest, when I learned that Sam was a boy I had all these thoughts and plans for him. I remembered how my parents when we were growing up encouraged us to try all kinds of activities, sports, instruments, gymnastics, church activities, drama, etc etc. My parents really really wanted us to find what we liked and encouraged us to do our best. And I had all kinds of thoughts of what Sammy would do. I wondered if he would play football like my brother did, or basketball like my sister, or baseball as I had played softball and soccer. As we learned about the bleeding disorder I was very sad for him, that he wouldn't have the same opportunities that I had had. And then this year, praise God he has been doing so well in regards to the bleeding disorder, that the doctor has cleared him to play sports! They have said that at this young age that the danger should be fairly minimal as there isn't much force behind a lot of the sports. So we gave him the decision to play baseball or street hockey. And he chose street hockey. His first game was so fun! I am just beyond thrilled that he has this opportunity. Even if he decides that he doesn't like it, I am just blessed that he gets to try. He loved his first game, and did really well. Matt's parents also joined us, so Sam was thrilled with that as well.

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