Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life is a circus....

Gosh things have been crazy around here lately. We are all doing ok but lots of stress and craziness. Preston has been struggling again medically this past week. His appetite has gotten worse, and although he typically has been an excellent drinker in the process of poor eating, even the drinking has slowed. We got the end of the end official notification about the transplant being denied from our insurance last week. At that point I had just really resigned myself to believing that God had a much better plan and that it was my job to wait patiently to see what happened. I started doing some research and looked into a hospital in Ohio that had a doctor that may treat him. So I started making all those phone calls to see where that would go. It would appear that we could go for a consult, but they wouldn't even look at his chart without us going there, so the expense of that was really overwhelming to me. I prayed about it and didn't really have clarification if this was what we were supposed to be doing In the mean time in talking with his pediatrician we both had come up with lots of questions/concerns etc for the GI doctor as well as his immunologist. Those questions were voiced to the different physicians but I have yet to hear back from them. Last week Matt's cousin contacted us and invited us to go to the circus with them. It was such a blessing, they so generously took care of the admission for us to take the kids. The kids had a great time. It was a smaller circus but they still had a great time. And then afterwards they were playing outside. Chris was holding Preston, when Preston had one of his famous stools that leaked on Chris :-( I feel so terrible about it still, Chris was fine but I still feel bad about it. We also got the opportunity to take the kids to see a brand new baby cow at my friends house, two weekends ago. Sam and Sophia were quite interested in the whole thing. They watched the calf nurse and it ended up being quite the science lesson for them. We then came home and read all about how milk goes from the cow all the way through the whole process of making it. This calf was named Star by my friends children, John and Catherine. Isn't she sweet?

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