Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good friends and playground fun

We are really fortunate to have a large church family and some great friends around that love to come to the playground with us. I just send out a text and our friends meet us at any one of the local parks. It gets us out of the house and the kids get time around their friends. I have decided however that this particular playground will be off limits for us this year if we have Preston with us, or if we don't have an extra set of hands. This playground has the little tiny stones for a ground covering. Preston actually swallowed one :-( He is fine, but EWWWW!!!! We had fun, and Daddy even got to come with us on this particular day! The kids played catch and Frisbee, and then Matt and our friend Dan chased the kids around the playground. This playground is awesome for older kids, it has all kinds of climbing apparatus and multiple levels of play, but it is not great for Preston. The kids all had a blast, and it was awesome to do something as a family.

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