Sunday, April 21, 2013

Transplant News: When one door closes God opens something better....

As you know we have had quite the struggle with Preston's health over the last several months. It has been a roller coaster ride, of hospitalizations, tons of medications, many doctors appointments, conference calls etc etc. When the GI doctors essentially threw up their hands and said he needed a fecal transplant of he would have to lose his colon and have a permanent colostomy, I was heartbroken and overwhelmed and scared. I knew regardless of what the outcome of the situation was that God would win the battle, and that all things would work for His glory. But I didn't know what that looked like, I didn't know if we would experience miraculous healing, or the transplant (which we were told would be a nightmare to get approval for) would go off without a hitch, I didn't know if he would need the surgery. I didn't have any of those answers... But what I did have was HIS strength. AS we have gone through the last several months of fighting the insurance, and researching at other hospitals to see if there was anything else treatment wise that we could do, I will be honest I got overwhelmed and so sad. I knew that God had my baby in His hands, but I wanted to know the outcome. After we had gone through the appeals process twice now with our insurance and then the outside reviewer, it was really hard. At the last denial, I just said to God "well ok You must have something better for us." I made some initial phone calls to other hospitals and to all his doctors to see if anyone else had any other plans. And then... Monday I got a call from the GI doctor. Now I had no idea what he was calling about, and was shocked when he said that he had good news. I couldn't even imagine what he had to tell me. As every prior conversation from him had been pushing me to complain to the newspaper about how my insurance would allow my child to lose his colon because they wouldn't pay for the transplant. So here we were a week after the final denial and he calls. He proceeded to tell me that he had gone to the President/CEO of MGH and told them our story and how he couldn't fathom giving our child a colostomy just because our insurance wouldn't pay.... He asked the hospital to pay for Preston's transplant. AND THE HOSPITAL SAID YES!!!!! I still can't believe that God has answered this prayer in such an unexpected way! We are so very thankful! We will probably be able to get him scheduled within the next two weeks, and I can't believe that this will all be behind us! Praise God for His answers to prayers!!!

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