Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby Weber #4

Matt and I went to the perinatologist and talked all about all my risk factors, and how this pregnancy is going. We had a lengthy ultrasound and visit with both the high risk and regular OB doctors. We actually found out what this little munchkin is, but since they aren't quite 100% we aren't sharing it. But everything looks wonderful! I wish I was one of those people that went into an ultrasound and was so excited about it. But I am not :-( I am always so concerned that something is going to be wrong with the baby and this time was no exception. First I was concerned that there was no heartbeat, and then I was concerned that there was a cardiac or brain anomaly. As the ultrasound went on and on, I just kept thinking that the technician was seeing things wrong and needed to make sure she had good pictures of everything. I feel terrible because I know this anxiety is totally from the devil, and that God has not given me a spirit of fear. But I did struggle for a good portion of the ultrasound. But I am rejoicing in the fact that the baby looked wonderful on this ultrasound and that the size is perfect, even though I have continued to lose weight. MAN! I wish I could lose weight like this when I wasn't pregnant. I am not quite sure how to get a good picture of the ultrasound pictures, but here they are. There is a picture of the baby giving a thumbs up, one of the baby sucking the thumb, and then a picture of what looks to be a BIG foot! I have a foot picture of all of my baby's, so I was very excited to get this one too. So we would love to have a name that starts with the letter "P". Got any good ideas that you would like to share? For girls I don't like : Penelope, Priscilla, or Paige. For boys I don't like Peter, Paul, Parker, or Patrick. This letter is hard! But I am hopefully that we can find something :-) Can't believe I am already 19weeks! God is so amazing! I am so thankful that things are going smoothly. And praying that they continue

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  1. I really love the names Paisley, Peyton, Parker and Paul (how do you not like Paul, lol?). Preston or Porter (not my favorite) is also nice for a boy.