Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A trip to the doctor for Preston

So I brought Preston into see Dr V today since the diarrhea has now been going on for 9 days and the fever for a week. She said he looked unwell, and he has lost some weight :-( since last week when I took him. She isn't sure what is going on. His stool still has blood in it, she sent it off for all kinds of tests and studies, and was also going to be calling the specialists in Boston to see what their recommendations would be. Please be praying for my boy :-) Thanks so much! I know God is totally in control but I am anxious right now. Praying for him to feel better and be happy and growing again. His weight was 22.9 today, and was 23.4 last week. On a happier note, the kids had a snow day today and had a blast playing out in the snow. I wish I could post pictures, hoping to get my computor fixed this coming weekend. I also had the priviledge of getting to know a new friend better! It was so fun learning about her family, and the journey that God has brought her on. I am always so blessed to hear of God's faithfulness in someone's life. THANK YOU for sharing!!!!

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