Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hanging in

We are hanging in here at our house.... Preston still seems to be fighting something and can't quite get rid of it. He has now had diarrhea for a week and two days, and has been running intermittant fevers since last wednesday.... Back to the doctor tomorrow. I was really hoping with the IVIG that we would stop doing this lengthy illness. My sister was in a car accident today :-( She slid on some black ice and slid across the road and crashed into a tree, and then another car slid on the black ice and slammed into my sister. I am praising God that she is ok, but very sore. Please be praying for her. Sam seems to be ok, but is very irritable and whiny which essentially means he is getting ready to get sick or is fighting something. My prayer is that he can fight it on his own, and not need antibiotics. And that we can make it to next weeks IVIG without real illness. Sophia is doing well. She is really loving school these days and is enjoying all her friends. She is such a doll! I am so thankful for her. She has definitely been a little naughty in the last few days but she is so funny:-) We are taking the kids to see the musical ANNIE on friday! I am so excited to take them. We usually do a production every Christmas season, at a big theater such as the Wang in Boston, or the Hanover Theater, but this year with the finances it wasn't possible. So we are taking them to a local highschool for this and I am sure they will love it:-)

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