Thursday, January 3, 2013


I am so thankful that my sisters Deanna and Doreen are still here. Family is so important. I have so many memories of playing with my cousins from when I was a little kid. All kinds of sleepovers and singalongs, and walks in the woods with my grandfather. Baking with my grandmother etc etc. I am so sad that DJ, Lyndsea and their son Trenton live so far away, and that Denise, Ron and their children, Davion, Dasanee and Danee are so far. It is sad that our kids don't get to see each other often. But thankfully we do get to see Doreen's little boy Darius. We just love him! He is so fun and he and Preston are about the same size even though Darius is already two. The other day Darius came to play while his mommy was at work...

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