Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy (AGAIN)

So Sam had another colonoscopy/endoscopy procedure yesterday. This one was to follow up on the one that they had don in january with the eosinophilic colitis diagnosis. They are hoping that there is a decrease in the amount of eosinophils related to the dietary changes that we have made. I am praying for a significant improvement. I guess the biopsies showed more than 40x eos per high power field. So I am praying that there isn't nearly as many. The procedure itself went very well. It was getting to that point that was quite the challenge. We had to be there for 12pm. We arrived on time, and waiting for a little bit until they came and brought him back to the pre-procedure area. While we were in that area he started complaining about how hungry he was and I felt so bad for him. They actually requested that we let another child go ahead of us because the other child was doing really poorly. So I agreed. It delayed us by HOURS!!! Then I was really feeling badly for Sammy. But he was such a trooper. He was thrilled to be playing video games while he was waiting. I guess that is the benefit of not having a Wii, or any of the other gaming systems, he is beyond thrilled to use them when he gets the opportunity whether he is hungry or not. It was so funny watching him play, he was totally sucked in and Preston was enjoying watching him too. They allowed me to go into the procedure room with him until he was asleep. They actually allowed him to pick the scent that was in his anesthesia mask and he chose root beer. So as he was drifting off that is what he smelled. Once he was asleep I gave him a kiss and they walked me out. After that they put an IV and attempted to get blood from him. They were able to get the IV in on the first try, but they had extreme difficulty getting the blood drawn. They said it appeared that his blood was too thick. They eventually got it praise God. And then they proceeded with the procedure. So then Dr. Z took several biopsies and I should get the results of those next tuesday. Poor guy felt awful on the way home and vomited. He also had some belly pain as well. He had a little bit of a lowgrade temp as well. But woke up feeling better this morning, although he is still having loose stools. Poor little guy... Thanks so much for your prayers for him!!! I am so thankful that my friend Sara was able to come with me yesterday so that I didn't have to go by myself. I brought Preston with me and Sara was my partner in crime for the day. She kept P while I went in with Sam. She distracted Sam, she was a comic distraction for me, and she dealt with the vomiting on the way home. Thank you Auntie Sara!!!

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