Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I grew up in a military family. Both of my parents were military, my grandparents, many uncles, cousins, friends, and my brothers ALL military. We live in an area of the country where unfortunately the military has downsized, which is sad. I remember growing up and going on military bases and really being in awe of the men and women. I feel like these days most people don't realize the sacrifices that our military make because they aren't directly affected. The town I grew up in is a small town. A close knit town. And a town that has lost a young soldier. And a town that appreciates our military. They have a great parade, and lots of veterans are in the parade. It is such a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to them. We cheer and yell thank you. And at the end of the parade there is a solemn ceremony to honor the men and women we have lost. And we get to personally say thank you to the military that are there. My mom marched in this years parade, as a "Blue Star Mom", a mom who has a child serving our country. So the kids and I were with my sister Doreen and her son DArius, and my BIL Ron and his three children, Davion, Dasanee and Danae. WE had a great time.
I am so blessed and have such a wonderful family. It is so awesome to be raising my kids so closely with their cousins. I am so sad that my brother DJ and Lyndsea and their brand new baby Trenton is so far away. I can't wait to get all of the kids together

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