Sunday, May 27, 2012


So after church we were invited to a cook out at my wonderful friend Meg's parent's house. It was their annual church picnic. It was such a blast for the kids and I. They live in a relatively isolated area, and have a huge wonderful yard, so the kids just had a wonderful time running around and enjoying a beautiful day. Preston had his first taste of watermelon, and absolutely loved it. Hard to believe this little guy is already almost nine months!!! I sure wish he would get some teeth.
These sweet girls are Meg and Jeremy's oldest two children. Abigail and Gracie. They are the sweetest things, and absolutely love Preston and helping take care of him.
My munchkins had such a wonderful time. They ran around, ate some yummy food, and all around just had a blast. There was even a cotton candy machine there. You know the kiddos all loved that one. I have pictures of my kids, Grace, and one of the twins (unfortunately not sure which one).
Just a great day!!!

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