Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Party

So today we had the priviledge of going to Catherine's birthday party. Carol and I have been friends for about seven years or so. She works at the hospital with me. And she was pregnant with Catherine at the same time that I was pregnant with Sam. She is also the nurse that does IVIG most often for Sam. Lately we have had a few other nurses but she is the one that usually is there. My kids absolutely love her and her family. The kids all get along really well. Here they are snuggling with Carol
The party was at a bowling alley. But I forgot to take any pictures of the kids bowling! They had a blast. The bowling balls of course are a little heavy for Sophi but she really enjoys them. Carol actually takes a picture of her children with the person that gave the gift. Isn't that a great idea? I just thought it was awesome.
So at the bowling alley the way things work is that included in the party is that the kids get to play two rounds of bowling, then they have pizza and drinks, and cake and ice cream. That is of course if you are not Sammy. But he still had a blast even though he couldn't eat that stuff. After all that the bowling alley also has a few arcade games and the kids are given some coins to play games. Sam and John, who is Catherine's big brother, had a blast doing the racing game. They worked as a team and did really well.
And Preston was all tuckered out from playing so hard.

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