Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cold Vs Allergy???

My goodness we have coughing and boogies everywhere it feels like. PReston and Sophia have been suffering with what I have felt like was allergy symptoms since last friday. Soph has not had a fever, but Preston has had intermittent low grade fevers. They are both drinking and eating ok. But they just have so much mucous. Preston has been a complete cling on, he wants to be nursing almost the entire time he is awake which is exhausting. Yesterday poor little pumpkin woke up with his eye stuck shut from all the mucous. I have been going back and forth for months now about wondering if his immune system is not functioning well like Sam's didn't. It just feels like he is ALWAYS sick or constantly get over something or brewing something. I keep going back and forth about bringing them to the doctor. The coughing is just atrocious. Poor Sophia has a tough time catching her breath when she goes into the coughing fits. I did call the on-call doctor last night and got a recommendation for something to help her, but still I wish she was just better. I guess we will see how both of them are tomorrow.
A pic of Mr P with his yucky eye!!! My friend Shannon took some amazing photos of my boys the other day. It was a super quick short little session, but as always she got some amazing shots, I don't have the CD yet, so I am just bringing them over from her blog. But I am so excited they came out so well. I can't believe my little Sammy is going to be six in a few weeks, and Preston nine months!!! Time sure does fly when life is so crazy:-) But I wouldn't change a thing. WEll I would change Sammy to make him not have to go through so much medically....

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  1. Pictures look beautiful! Hope your little ones feel better quick. It's so hard when your babies are sick. Hang in there!