Monday, July 25, 2011

U/S and pregnancy update

First I am just beyond thrilled to say that Baby Surprise is really big!!! They are saying he/she is in the 79th percentile!!! I am so excited! The ultrasound today looked really good. The baby weighed 3lb8oz! Sam was born at 35wks and was 4lb5oz so I am super excited this baby will probably be bigger than Sam was in another week or so!!! It would be so amazing to bring home a full term newborn! I am praising God that this baby is growing so well! And the baby is head down!!! So my hope of having a VBAC is possible too.
On a not so good note, I have been having some weird new symptoms with my heart and breathing. My heart has been racing at times, up into the 140s! It has been scary, I get light headed and dizzy sometimes with it. It doesn't matter if I am sitting, sleeping moving around it just comes on suddenly. I have also been having periods of time where it feels really difficult to breath, and my respiratory rate increases dramatically. The doctor sent me for an EKG today, and although I didn't get the results yet, I was able to see some of the report before I left, and it did say "abnormal EKG" and also listed some things that were abnormal about it. So now my anxiety is creepy up. I have been feeling so exhausted, what if it is my heart?:-(

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