Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy week wrap up

This post is more for me to keep things straight than anything, so don't feel the need to read...
Regular OB appointment/ultrasound that led to concerns about my heart:-(
Soph had PT today and it was rough. She seemed really uncomfortable before we even went to PT, and then had a really difficult time doing the exercises. I know that all this will eventually help her, but it is so hard to deal with the fussing/whining and pee/poop accidents when her hips are hurting her.
Brought Sam into Children's to see Dr Baxi his immunologist. He is a great doctor, I feel so blessed to have him. However in the process of this appointment, and mentioning how difficult IV sticks have been, we had the discussion about doing subQ immunoglobulin therapy. Dr Baxi seems to think that this will be a good thing. I am having a difficult time getting past the thought of going once a month, and switching down to once a week! It just seems like he is going to be stuck so often, that I don't know if the IV difficulty is less traumatizing than weekly injections? Not sure what to do about this??? But he is 40lbs and 43.5inches! About the 43rd percentile. Higher than he has EVER BEEN!!!
While at Sam's appointment I got the call that I needed to go back into Brigham for an echocardiogram. Sam was such a good boy throughout this long day!!! I am so blessed to have a child who totally accepts and understands the hospital environment.
Then to today. I had to go back into Brigham to meet the cardiologist. I still am trying to wrap my brain around this appointment. She said essentially that her interpretation of the echo was "normal" but that another cardiologist that saw it interpretted it as low ejection fraction. So I am not sure exactly what to think about that. And then after I got home I called the local hospital and got the results of the echo that I had when I was pregnant with Sophia. My ejection fraction then was 65, and now it is 50. I am not sure what the effect of that decrease is....I also had blood work and am currently wearing a holter monitor too, praying that the weird stuff that has been going on will be visible on the monitor.
We will follow up with cardio in two weeks unless something comes back crazy abnormal.

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