Saturday, July 9, 2011

27 weeks and a trip to Labor and Delivery

Goodness! What a week it has been. Many trips into the city for doctors appointments and then pre-term labor for me:-(
This weeks update is going to not follow the same format as I don't have the energy. Let's see, I had some contractions last weekend but I had severe diarrhea prior to that so I just assumed that I was a little dehydrated. I really started drinking alot and once the diarrhea was resolved contractions stopped.
Enter a crazy week of doctors appointments for the kids and for me, and I think things were just too much. I saw the nurse practitioner on wednesday and all looked well. She ordered some special tests for all the diarrhea that I have been having and was concerned about my lack of weight gain. My blood pressure was great, I had no swelling what so ever. So it was a fairly good appointment. I came home after that appointment and started contracting several hours later. I had this time frame in my head in regards to when I would head back into the city if the contractions didn't stop. Thankfully they did.
I still called the doctor's in the morning just to get more clear instructions as to when enough was enough for contractions and when I would need to head in. SO I laid low all day on thursday and contracted intermittenly but 4 was the magic number and I didn't hit that until about 7pm. I then called the doctor and was incredibly impressed. Within five minutes of my page I was on the phone with him, and he had reviewed my chart. With my history he didn't feel comfortable with me staying home so he had me come in.
I was contracting anywhere between 3-15minutes apart. But we are praising God that my cervix is still closed. And praying that these contractions don't do anything. AT this point I am home with instructions to call if anything gets worse. Just trying to take it easy and keep this baby cooking on the inside.
I did have an ultrasound and the baby is 2lb 5oz! Which is a little on the big side for this gestation! I am thrilled to pieces about this:-) I am praying for a big fat full term healthy baby:-)
Please pray for this sweet baby that it can continue to grow and thrive INSIDE:-)

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  1. Yikes, how scary. Glad to hear you're back home and not dilated. We'll keep praying for that little one.