Saturday, October 13, 2012

Intestinal infection again!!!

Well Mr P again has the intestinal infection. I can't say that I am surprised as we were still positive for it a couple days before we left MGH. However what is frustrating is that here we are nearly a month out and we are still sick from it! Poor little guy starting acting like he didn't feel well on wednesday. But thursday he seemed a little better, but thursday evening a little worse. So friday I brought him into the doctor before I went to immunology. I just wanted her to test and see if he had it again. So from there we dropped Soph off and then P and I drove into Children's. I wish we had known whether the infection was back or not while at Childrens, as I then could have told Dr B. At this point we are treating him at home with antibiotics and prayign that we can stay home and that God will heal this little guy of this illness once and foreall. Please be praying for healing! Thanks!!!

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