Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flu Vaccine

I am a huge supporter of people getting the flu vaccine. Working in a hospital I see how sick people can get from the flu. And as my husband works in a school and I in a hospital we are 100% guaranteed to get exposed at some point. I have gotten the flu vaccine yearly since I was at least 18, my husband has gotten it since we have had kids. Neither of us has ever gotten sick from it. The kids also have each gotten it and have never had any problems or illness because of it. That being said Sammy has always gotten his, but becuase of the recent diagnosis of egg allergy that caused the eosinophilic colitis, I am so anxious about him getting the vaccine. I am praying that since it is a severe GI issue from it, that there won't be any other respiratory or other symptoms. He is getting his vaccine tomorrow, please keep him in your prayers. Anyone out there with a egg allergy in which it is soley GI symptoms? Have you gotten the flu vaccine anyways?

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