Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am a mess

Wow between the back injury last july that has kept me out of work FOREVER:-( and the nausea/vomiting with the pregnancy and the latest symptom: Planta Fasciitis, I am a mess!!! The back thing was getting better and now the foot is acting up which exacerbates the back. :-(
On a more positive side, the vomiting is much less frequent with this little pumpkin than with Sam and Sophia. I still feel quite nauseous and have almost no appetite but the actual physical vomiting isn't nearly as bad. I also was able to determine that I can be followed at Heywood primarily, but will need to have a couple of ultrasounds at UMass, and then follow ups from the ultrasounds there. And then obviously if complications occur then I will be taken care of down there. But I am believing and praying that this pregnancy is complication free, and full term.:-)
Have a fantastic day! Sammy and I are off to Boston Children's tonight for a sleep study.

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