Friday, March 25, 2011

12 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks

Doctor: Yes FINALLY! It was so good to finally have this appointment. It is great to have a doctor who I already have a relationship with. She asked about Sam and Sophia and was very open and honest with me about risks, her plan etc. I told her that I wanted to VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasarean) and she was totally on board with that! She actually said in pre-eclampsia situations it is better to do vaginal delivery than c-section. So prayerfully that will be the way we go. We talked about steroids, and this was a little bit disappointing to me. I had hoped that they would just give me steroids around 28 or 29 weeks as I have now had two preemies now, one without and one with steroids, and the one with steroids did phenomenally well. But she said that that wouldn't be the plan unless something happens (I actually start to contract, pre-e or HELLP)

Size of baby: Baby now weighs almost half an ounce, is just about two and a half inches long, and has double in size in the last two weeks. Such an amazing miracle that God has created

Development: The eyes and ears are now in their proper position. The baby is now able to practice swallowing all of the amniotic fluid it is in. The intestines are forming well but aren't all within the baby, there are some parts in the umbical cord!

Sleep: I continue to be exhausted, but I am starting to sleep better, although am waking up to be sick at night now:-( I have even gotten in a nap or two this week:-)

What I miss: A good night's sleep kind of:-)

Cravings: NOTHING, I have been so nauseous these past two weeks.

Weight: I have now lost 13pounds. The doctor was kind of concerned about this, but didn't want to prescribe any anti-nausea medication. She recommended an over the counter one, that is actually marketed for people who have insomnia, so it would make me even more tired. So I will probably try that, but on the weekend when Matt is home and we don't have anywhere to go in case it makes me too tired.

Symptoms: Nausea is still very prevalent, and the vomiting has gotten worse again this week. I am waking up in the night now to vomit. Strangely I am tolerating the morning better, and am more likely to keep breakfast down then lunch or dinner.

Best Moment this week: Having the doctors appointment, and realizing that she has high hopes for this pregnancy too, that we can definitely work towards a VBAC, and also knowing that she will "special me", which essentially means that even if she is off she will come in to deliver me, as long as she can.

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