Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well I have officially entered into my "morning" sickness, although I call it "first and second trimester sickness." THe nausea really started kicking in last weekend, although the vomiting just started in ernest two days ago, yesterday I vomited everything I ate, although I may have been able to keep down a small portion of supper. Although it is very disgusting and I feel terrible, it is realiving to me, because I know that this is for real. That I am growing a tiny precious miracle and the sicker I am the healthier baby?!?!:-) Power of positive thinking:-)
I have been hemming and hawing about where I want to deliver. Although I am so thoroughly disappointed that my doctor will not be delivering, I am contemplating still trying to deliver here at the local hospital with my friends/co-workers and doctors that I know vs. delivering in a huge hospital seeing a different face every appointment and not who is caring for me or my baby. That being said I know that there is a huge posibility that I will be delivering in worcestor regardless, but I am praying so earnestly that this pregnancy will not be filled with complications and that I will only be classified as "high risk" because of my past, not anything current. So we shall see, even if the local docs will accept me as a patient, or if they feel that I am too high risk to deliver here.
Hopefully will have an HCG level today:-) (finally) and I can't wait to see how high it is:-)

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