Monday, February 14, 2011

Kind of disappointed:-(

So I told our doctor that I was pregnant yesterday. She was so excited for us. I am sad though as she has said that she will no longer be doing OB so I have to go to a new doctor. I will be referred down to a High Risk OB down in Worcestor. I really really want to have her be the doctor that delivers me. It is sad to think that she won't be there. The most important thing is that this baby is healthy so that is what I will focus on.
I also went down and had the physical therapy evaluation for my back. I am so encouraged by this evaluation. It sounds like there are some things that possibly have been missed and should be relatively easy fixes so hopefully my back will heal before I get too far along.
I am just getting so excited about this pregnancy. I have told my friend Meg that we are expecting and she is so excited for us. Matt thinks I won't be able to keep this a secret for very long, but it is almost like a challenge to me now so hopefully I can keep it a surprise. I am thinking about announcing on Mother's Day which seems like an eternity but it would be so awesome to surprise everyone on that day:-)
I have thought of some names, because I am super excited. I really want to name the baby after someone. If the baby is a boy I would like his middle name to be Vaughn (after my Father in law or Matthew after Matt) if it is a girl I would like her middle name to be Jean (after my grandmother, and also my mother and I carry this name too) I am loving names like Preston, Tucker, Sawyer, and Christian for a boy. Girls names are Abigail, Harper, Madison. So so much fun!!!

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