Saturday, December 28, 2013

My baby stopped breathing

I can't even begin to explain the horrible experience that we had the night before thanksgiving. The four children and I travelled down to North Carolina to have thanksgiving with all the family. More than forty people were expected and I was desperately looking forward to it. Unfortunately the week before we left Matt learned that he would have to work. It was so disappointing that he wouldn't be able to come too. I will write multiple posts about our trip sometime but for now just the craziness. On Wednesday before thanksgiving Paisley was unusually cranky and miserable. She wasn't nursing well and was so uncomfortable. My mom wondered if maybe she was overstimulated so she took her to a quiet place in the rental house. She was cooing and smiling at my mom and then Out of no where started this horrible screaming. My mom was trying to console her thinking maybe she needed a burp or something. She was screaming uncontrollably and then just stopped. She stopped breathing!!! The first time it happened I was in shock and as my mom stimulated her she started breathing again but didn't look quite right. The second time it happened I started to panic as we were waiting for the EMTs. God met us in those moments. My sister Johanna stared praying and seeking god's healing for my girl. My mom started singing Jesus loves me to her. His peace was palpable in those moments. And although I felt like I was falling apart in those moments God brought us through. Days later when I was speaking with my nephew he asked me why I was so calm. I certainly hadn't felt that way but God's peace flowed outwardly. I was happy to hear him say that and to give God the credit. A testimony to His provision in times of need. Paisley was admitted to the PICU for three days. Due to the three events (she stopped a third time once the EMTs were there) we were monitored very closely and set set up to have lots of specialists once we got home. The consensus at the time was that she had stopped breathing due to severe reflux. The chest x-ray that she had while in the pedi ER showed chronic microaspiration, so they attributed what had happened to that.

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  1. How incredibly scary.....Kira did the same thing as an infant which turned out to be from reflux. Prayers!